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Includes all of the B.C. food and beverage products listed on the Feed BC Directory.

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Apples: Ambrosia
Native to B.C.. Crunchy, sweet, and juicy. Yellow/red appearance results in striking shelf appeal.
Apples: Ambrosia
A B.C. grown apple that works well with savory dishes, or bakes nicely in pies.
Apples: Ambrosia
Sweet and crisp. This bi-coloured apple is slow to brown, making it perfect for snacking and salads.
Apples: Fuji
Fresh, locally grown, and harvested in the Okanagan Valley.
Apples: Fuji
Best suited for baking, roasting, and stewing. Can be sliced into salads, grated into coleslaw, or chopped and used to top your favourite breakfast foods.
Apples: Fuji
Originating in Japan, the Fuji is a cross between a Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. The Fuji has red stripes over a yellow-green background.
Apples: Golden Delicious
This is a sweeter apple, best used for baking, as it holds its shape more than other varieties.