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How to register as a B.C. buyer

4 easy steps to register your buyer profile on the Feed BC Directory

Reasons to register

  • Creating a buyer’s profile on the Feed BC Directory is a great way to increase exposure for your business
  • Browse categories or find specific products you are looking for and ‘favourite’ them for future reference
  • Listing is a free, easy and effective way to let businesses know what products you are looking for and have them contact you directly



Check your eligibility

To be included on the Feed BC Directory your business needs to meet eligibility criteria.

To list your business in the Feed BC Directory, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Your business is looking to purchase B.C. food and beverage products, AND
  • Your business is entitled to do business in B.C.,
  • Your business holds a legal B.C. registration number and/or GST number.
  • For businesses operating on First Nations Reserves, alternative documentation for First Nations businesses include:
    • Band council resolution (BCR)
    • Letter from band authority (e.g. administrator or band manager)
    • Band administered business registration number (applicable for some Nations)



Sign up for a BCeID account

You will need a secured BCeID to register on the Feed BC Directory.

  • A BCeID is a free government account that provides secure access to several different online government services.
  • You can choose either a basic or a business type of BCeID. (For a business BCeID please have your business information ready.)
  • Not sure which one to register for? The type of BCeID you need depends on the service you want to use. Visit the BCeID Service Directory to find out what type you need, as well as a list of government services you can access with a BCeID.



Use your BCeID to register on the Feed BC Directory

Once you have received your BCeID, you can register on the Feed BC Directory and create a business profile.

A BCeID account provides secure access to online government services:


You can use your single BCeID account to log in to multiple participating government services online. Examples of services that require a BCeID include changing address, court services, ePayments, and the ServiceBC online booking system.


BCeID uses secure technology and policies to enable authorized access to information.

It respects your privacy:

Visit the BCeID website to learn more about the B.C. government’s and the BCeID privacy policies.



Registration approval

Once your profile is approved by a Ministry staff (which can take up to 3 business days), you can use your BCeID to log in to your profile on the Feed BC Directory.