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Microgreens: Sunflower Shoots

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A and S Microgreens and Freeze-Dried Snacks

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Sharlene Ionescu

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(250) 710-6135

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4144 St. Catherine Drive
Cobble Hill
BC Canada V0R 1L3

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Product Information

Product details

Juicy and crunchy large green leaves with nutty flavour. 99% of the shells removed. Vegan and vegetarian, as well as dairy-free, nut-free, and allergen-free. From A and S Microgreens and Freeze-Dried Snacks.

Spec sheet

Industry relevant specifications for product information such as ingredients, shelf life, allergens, nutritional values, etc.
No spec sheet is available for this product.


Product grades

Grade A

Product size (weight/volume)

100g, 225g, 450g

Flexible product size or pack?


Is the product refrigerated?


Is the product shelf stable?


Is the product frozen?


Valid additional certifications

  • Buy BC

Dietary preferences

  • Gluten-Free

When product is available for purchase

  • Year-Round

Delivery options



  • Vancouver Island & Coast