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Geoduck: Live

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Best Honour International Seafood

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Duff Hu

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(778) 688-8758

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126-11786 River Road
BC Canada V6X 3Z3

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Geoduck clam, or Mirugai in Japanese, is a giant clam found along the Western Pacific Coastline. Although Geoduck can be found from off the shores of Mexico all the way to the icy waters of Alaska, British Columbia is well known for quality. Our wild Geoduck is sustainably harvested off the coast of British Columbia by professional divers then shipped directly to us for distribution. Geoduck is crisp in texture with a sweet and umami flavour profile. From Best Honour International Seafood.

Spec sheet

Industry relevant specifications for product information such as ingredients, shelf life, allergens, nutritional values, etc.
No spec sheet is available for this product.


Product grades


Product size (weight/volume)

2-3 lbs. per piece

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Is the product refrigerated?


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Current food safety certifications

  • Federally Inspected (CFIA)
  • Provincially Inspected
  • HACCP Certified

When product is available for purchase

  • Year-Round


  • Lower Mainland Southwest