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B.C. institutional and commercial buyers

All B.C. institutional and commercial buyers who are seeking B.C. food and beverages are encouraged to register a ‘buyer profile’. A buyer profile is not required to browse products.

Three easy steps to register for your buyer profile

  1. Check and confirm your eligibility.
  1. Login to the Feed BC Directory
    • To login, you will need a BCeID login and password. Don’t have one? Sign up for a BCeID
      • A BCeID is a free user account that allows access online services with the B.C. Government.
      • For optimal results, choose a Business BCeID to register for the Feed BC Directory. You will need your business information ready; if you have your incorporation number, as well as your B.C. Registry access code or password, you will receive your BCeID immediately. If not, a code will be sent to you in the mail.
      • You can also use a Basic BCeID which you can receive immediately, but this offers fewer features (such as password recovery). 
      • You can only use one user BCeID to access the Feed BC Directory, as we cannot register multiple users at this time.
  2. Create your business profile
    • NOTE that to register your business profile, you MUST be logged into the Feed BC Directory with your BCeID.
    • Once you are logged in with your user BCeID and password, then click on ‘CREATE MY BUYER PROFILE’ (below) and complete information. Your profile will take approximately three days to be approved by Ministry staff. 
    • Once your buyer profile is approved, you can log in to access additional features, such as a ‘favourite product list’ and manage your buyer profile.

Buyer registration eligibility

To create a buyer profile in the Feed BC Directory, you must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Your business is looking to purchase B.C. food and beverage products, AND
  2. Your business is entitled to do business in B.C.
    • Your business must hold a legal B.C. registration number and/or GST number
    • For businesses operating on First Nations Reserves, alternative documentation for First Nations businesses include: 
      • Band council resolution (BCR)
      • Letter from band authority (e.g. administrator or band manager)
      • Band administered business registration number (applicable for some nations)

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