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Plant-Based Salad: Chick-Bean Salad

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Beana Foods

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Safoura Kassnejad

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(604) 779-4409

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1668 Fosters Way
BC Canada V3M 6S6

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Product Information

Product details

Beana Foods. 100% plant-based Tuna/Chicken salad (inspired by an originally Russian dish called Olivier Salad). Made with chickpeas and beans, Chick-Bean Salad is a good choice for any time of the day! And more importantly, It’s READY-TO-EAT! *All Natural *Soy Free *Preservative free *Can be served Cold or Hot! You can spread it on your favorite piece of bread for a tasty breakfast or an EASY lunch, brunch, or dinner. You can have it as your side dish, or use it just as a nutritious snack for your gatherings, ceremonies, and events.

Spec sheet

Industry relevant specifications for product information such as ingredients, shelf life, allergens, nutritional values, etc.
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Current food safety certifications

  • Federally Inspected (CFIA)
  • Provincially Inspected

Dietary preferences

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Plant-Based

When product is available for purchase

  • Year-Round

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