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Dip: Mutabbal (Smoked Eggplant)

Feed BC Directory B.C. Food & Beverage Products Dip: Mutabbal (Smoked Eggplant)
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Tayybeh Foods

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Nihal Elwan

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5587 Manson Street
BC Canada V5Z 3H3

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Product Information

Product details

Vegan and made with gluten-free ingredients. Made from locally sourced ingredients. From Tayybeh Foods.

Spec sheet

Industry relevant specifications for product information such as ingredients, shelf life, allergens, nutritional values, etc.
No spec sheet is available for this product.


Product size (weight/volume)

5 kg units for Food service

Additional sizes

Also offered in packs of 220 gram.

Flexible product size or pack?


Is the product refrigerated?


Is the product shelf stable?


Is the product frozen?


Current food safety certifications

  • Provincially Inspected

Valid additional certifications

  • Buy BC

Dietary preferences

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free

When product is available for purchase

  • Year-Round


  • Lower Mainland Southwest