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Vancouver Freeze Dry Ltd.

Vancouver Freeze Dry Ltd.

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Shilong Zhu

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Vice President

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101-5498 267th Street
BC Canada V4W 3S8

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Business description

Vancouver Freeze Dry Ltd. (VFD) is a manufacturer/supplier of natural and healthy super food ingredients based in BC. Our food technology allows us to provide you with varieties of unique product. Our team provides professional services to food industry globally in superfood ingredients supplying, private labeling and custom manufacturing and we are committed to working closely with clients in every aspect to archive their business goals.

Ownership and operations

  • None of the above

Sell sheet

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No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Restaurants (via distributor)
  • Processors (direct or via broker)
  • Major stores
  • Independent stores
  • Online grocery store
  • Food Service Provider
  • Distributor