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Product Name
  • Coffee: Dark Roast, Summit Brew
    Whole Bean Dark Roast. Sourced from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Nicaragua. Washed. Grown at an elevation of 1300–1850m. Tastes like Pipe Tobacco and Bakers Chocolate.
  • Coffee: Light Roast, Basecamp
    Whole Bean Light Roast. Sourced from Colombia. Washed. Grown at an elevation of 1600-1800m. Tastes like Milk Chocolate, Caramel, and Cinnamon.
  • Coffee: Medium Roast, Trailblazer
    Whole Bean Medium Roast. Sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra. Washed and Sun Dried. Grown at an elevation of 1300-2050m. Tastes like Chocolate Syrup and Toffee.

Business Overview

Business Description

Started in 2019 by Mckenzie Robinson, Trek Coffee is a 100% Indigenous and Military Veteran owned and operated Canadian company. McKenzie is connected to and fully invested in helping the Veteran community achieve & maintain wellness. Trek Coffee hopes to secure potential jobs for veterans who want to join this movement and brew some tasty coffee for your Trek, wherever that may be! We donate a portion of our proceeds to mental health and educational programs.

Street address

3875 Ortona Cr
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6R 1X6

Ownership and operations

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