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  • Tea: Organic Barley
    100% BC product, made with organic barley. Caffeine-free, sugar-free, carb-free, and low-calorie. Plant-based, vegan, and keto.

Business Overview

Business Description

We are a sister-run business, making 'mo'mugi', the first and only barley teabag brand in North America. We roast and hand-pack mo'mugi in Salmon Arm, using only the finest organic BC barley. Barley Tea is 100% natural and free of caffeine, sugar, carbs, and calories; it is scientifically proven to hydrate better than water, provide antioxidants, and help fight cavities. Enjoy as a convenient water replacement or as a hot, soothing beverage with an inviting popcorn aroma and taste reminiscent of puffed wheat.