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Stuyver's Bread

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Stuyver's Bread

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Christina Jenks

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Office Administrator

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(604) 607-7760

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27353 58th Crescent
BC Canada V4W 3W7

Business description

At Stuyver’s we are passionate about bread. Our mission is to create wholesome, nutritious breads that deliver a great eating experience while honoring the traditional artisan process. Baking is not what we do but rather who we are. At Stuyver’s we explore, invent, and marvel in the endless possibilities that arise from four basic ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast. We are a juxtaposition of two processes. We believe in using modern technology to create scale while still using long and slow fermentation processes. We use clean, clear, and wholesome ingredients to make delicious breads and buns.

Sell sheet

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Current market channels

  • Processors (direct or via broker)
  • Major stores
  • Independent stores
  • Food Service Provider
  • Restaurants (via distributor)
  • Restaurants (direct)

Product listings from this business

Loaf: Homestyle White 5/8" image

Firm and rich in flavor, golden color, tender to the bite yet with a slight chewiness in the crust. An utterly dependable white bread. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Loaf: Homestyle Multigrain 5/8" image

A firm, moist bread which consists of grains and sunflower seeds. The combination of grains gives this bread a distinct flavor profile. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Buns: Brioche Hamburger  image

This traditional French pastry-like bread gets its tenderness from a rich yeast dough creating a light and slightly sweet bun. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Baguettes: Rustic French image

Traditional French baguette is the perfect marriage of crust and crumb. Our long fermentation period and baking in a traditional method creates a very open cell structure in the finished brad and a perfectly crisp golden crust. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Filone: Demi image

Demi Filone is the Italian rustic and authentic version of a French Baguette. This product has a great texture and taste with a thin crust and a wonderful moist crumb. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Bun: Hamburger Soft Potato image

The Potato Burger Buns are super light, and fluffy. They are a perfect compliment with any type of burger you crave. They compliment plant-based burgers, beef, pork, chicken, crab cakes, salmon burgers, etc. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Loaf: Manchester Malt image

Experience an unique taste and texture with this homestyle half loaf, which features the perfect blend of toasted malted wheat flakes and the delightful nuttiness of pumpkin seeds. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Buns: Ciabatta, 4x4 Unsliced image

Ciabatta, which means slipper in Italian, originated from the area encompassing Lake Como. Ciabata has a crisp crust, a somewhat soft, porous texture and is light to the touch. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Loaf: Pane Roma image

Beautiful and exceptionally light bread with a moist, airy interior and a crispy crust dusted with flour. Versatile to stand up to any meal or prepare truly artisan sandwiches. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Buns: Potato Brioche  image

The Potato Brioche Bun has a fluffy and soft texture and is very versatile to be included in any meal throughout the day. They are the epitome of comfort food. Product of Stuyver's Bread.

Buns: Portuguese, Unsliced image

Papo Secos are the quintessential Portuguese bread rolls. These rolls have a nice crusty outside with a perfectly light and soft inside. They are the perfect accompaniment for just about any meal. You can dip them in any flavorful soup or sauce to absorb the delicious flavor, or use them for sandwiches and burgers. Product of Stuyver's Bread.