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Product listings from this user

Product Name
  • Apples: Ambrosia
    Native to B.C.. Crunchy, sweet, and juicy. Yellow/red appearance results in striking shelf appeal.
  • Apples: Honeycrisp
    Crunchy, tangy, and juicy with a great balance between tart and sweet.
  • Apples: Royal Gala
    Crisp, slightly sweet, and accompanied with a floral aroma. Appearance is striped red over a yellow/orange skin.
  • Cherries
    Sweet cherry varieties grown include Sweety, Skeena, Lapin, Sweetheart, Regina, Sentinel, and Staccato.

Business Overview

Business Description

Sandher Fruit Packers is an experienced fruit packing company in Kelowna, B.C.. We grow delicious fruit at our family-owned orchards and bring that fruit to grocery stores near you.