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Salubritas Health Group

Salubritas Health Group logo

Salubritas Health Group

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account_box Name

Robert Arthurs

work Job title

Vice President

mark_email_unread Email address

aod Phone number

(604) 202-4641

contact_mail Street address

115-723 west 3rd st
North Vancouver
BC Canada V7M 0E4

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Business description

Natural health products using ayurvedic plant-based ingredients that were used by ancient societies including indigenous peoples, and have been proven in modern-day sciences to work.

Ownership and operations

  • Women owned or operated

Sell sheet

Industry targeted information on business, product line, distribution and ordering details.
No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Independent stores
  • Processors (direct or via broker)
  • Online grocery stores