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Level Ground Coffee Roasters

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Level Ground Coffee Roasters

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Richard Stark

work Job title

Sales Director

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(250) 544-0932

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1757 Sean Heights
BC Canada V8M 0B3

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Business description

At Level Ground, our premium coffee has been intentionally crafted at every stage. It starts with a focus on sourcing. Great coffee is grown on small-scale, family-owned farms and sold through cooperatives that invest in their communities. We roast in small batches and blend to produce the most delicious cups of coffee.

Ownership and operations

  • Women owned or operated

Sell sheet

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No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Community Food Programs
  • Major stores
  • Universities or Colleges
  • Independent stores
  • Public Schools (K-12)
  • Private Schools (K-12)
  • Food Service Provider
  • Retirement homes (private)
  • Distributor
  • Restaurants (via distributor)
  • Hospitals and long-term care (public)
  • Online grocery stores

Product listings from this business

Coffee: Decaf Swiss Water Processed image

Level Ground. This delightful dark roast decaf is Swiss Water processed in Canada without chemicals. Look for hints of dried fruit, dark chocolate and baking spice. You won't miss the caffeine with the clean taste of this delicious dark coffee.

Coffee: East Africa Craft Blend image

Level Ground. This dark and balanced blend packs a punch and a distinct flavour profile with notes of toasted pecan, dried fruit, and dark chocolate that combines all the delicious coffee flavours East Africa is known for.

Coffee: Ethiopia Single Origin image

Level Ground. This medium roast allows the flavours of Ethiopian coffee to come forward, and you'll notice hints of tangerine, light berry, and sweet almond.

Coffee: French Roast Craft Blend image

Level Ground. This full-bodied coffee gives you everything you crave – sweet, smoky and intense. This very dark blend brings coffee to a new level of darkness you are sure to love with notes of dark chocolate, clove and roasted nut.

Coffee: Peru Single Origin image

Level Ground. This smooth medium roast is a crowd favourite with delicious notes of sweet citrus, chocolate and toasted peanut. A long-time single origin (and customer favourite), Peru delivers the perfect cup for those seeking a mellow, lush coffee.

Coffee: Andes Craft Blend image

Level Ground. This chocolatey, smooth medium roast blend encapsulates the notes associated with the region and is delicious brewed hot or cold. You'll taste notes of navel orange, milk chocolate and roasted nut. Small-batch roasted in Victoria BC.

Coffee: Colombia Single Origin image

Level Ground. We've been sourcing coffee from Colombia for more than 25 years, and there's a reason why! This dark roast has everything you want in a coffee – crisp and bold flavour with a classic coffee taste and notes of citrus, dark chocolate, and sweet spice