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Lass Chance Beverage

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Lass Chance Beverage

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Gagandeep Lasser

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3045 Highway 3
BC Canada V0X 1N1

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Business description

When decades of local farming experience combine with a passion for beverage making, the result is quality you can taste. Using sustainable farming practices in one of the best growing locations in Canada, we made fruit sodas and sparkling juices that are just as unique as the Okanagan fruit that made them. This sustainable product is a purchase you can feel good about — your taste buds will concur.

Ownership and operations

  • Person of colour owned or operated
  • Youth owned or operated (under 30)

Sell sheet

Industry targeted information on business, product line, distribution and ordering details.
No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Independent stores
  • Other retail location
  • Distributor