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Happy Gut Pro Beverages

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Happy Gut Pro Beverages

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Leeza Zurwick

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(250) 365-4997

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1255 Columbia Road
BC Canada V1N 4L7

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Business description

Happy Gut Pro was founded by Leeza Zurwick in 2017 on her farm in Castlegar, British Columbia and has since moved into a full production facility. Our company believes that food is medicine and that functional beverages are the key to a healthy life and microbiome. Happy Gut is Canada's largest water kefir company and offers a range of products including tasty canned drinks, water kefir grains and DIY kits to make water kefir at home, as well as custom infusions to flavour water kefir all while adding the additional healing benefits of herbs.

Ownership and operations

  • Women owned or operated

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Current market channels

  • Independent stores
  • Universities or Colleges
  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Catering Company
  • Major stores
  • Online grocery stores

Product listings from this business

Water Kefir: Blueberry Lemonade, Canned image

A perfect spring-summer-fall functional beverage to sip on the patio (or anywhere). Bring that pleasant feeling from being in nature, to inside your body with this delicious twist on a classic taste. From Happy Gut Pro.

Water Kefir: Lemon Ginger, Canned image

A perfectly fizzed balance between sweet and tart flavours thanks to the warm ginger and sunny lemon juice. This live probiotic beverage is the classic combination to make your gut happy.

Water Kefir: Pink Grapefruit, Canned image

Imagine: your face when drinking grapefruit juice, but you’re smiling. Sound impossible? Happy Gut Pro's pink grapefruit water kefir will make that a reality!

Water Kefir: Lime Mint, Canned image

Grab your umbrellas… not for rain, for cocktails! Enjoy the refreshing tartness of Happy Gut Pro's Lime Mint water kefir to make your day brighter, and your gut happier.

Water Kefir Grains image

Incorporate more probiotics in your life with water kefir, a natural beverage that is easy to customize with simple ingredients. Water kefir grains (tibicos) are a symbiotic relationship between yeast and bacteria. They are plump, translucent grain-textured bacterial cultures that convert sugar into healthy probiotics, enzymes and electrolytes. They emit CO2 which adds pleasant carbonation to the drink. Happy Gut Pro water kefir can help boost the immune system, enhance gut health and calm bloating.

Water Kefir Home Fermentation Kit image

HAPPY GUT PRO ALL-IN-ONE DIY WATER KEFIR HOME FERMENTATION KIT. Everything needed to brew delicious, probiotic rich water kefir right at home. Incorporate more probiotics in your life with this delicious, natural beverage that is easy to customize with simple ingredients.