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Haas Honey

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Cynthia Ridler

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(250) 635-9020

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5112 Mills Avenue
BC Canada V8G 1C5

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We are a small Tsimshian owned and operated apiary. We produce (haas) fireweed honey in Northwest B.C.. Our honey is harvested exclusively from fireweed within our traditional territory located in the Skeena and Kalum valleys. Haas honey is never heated, filtered or pasteurized. This process allows trace pollen, vitamins and active enzymes to remain present. The bees gather the nectar from pristine, isolated mountain locations at elevations from 1500-4000ft. Free from pollutants, herbicides and pesticides makes for a truly unique honey. Fireweed honey is known as the "Champagne of honey" and is known for its pale colour and delicate smooth flavour. However, it does vary in colour from pale yellow and water like clear to a dark amber with a purple hue.

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  • Indigenous owned or operated

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