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Grand Hale Marine Products

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Grand Hale Marine Products

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John Nishidate

work Job title

General Manager

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11551 Twigg Place
BC Canada v6v2y2

Business description

Family owned and operated seafood processing plant, locations in Richmond and Port Edward B.C.. Focused on producing quality products from locally sourced seafood and ingredients. We have the ability to produce bulk commodities, to retail ready or institutional product formats. Ready to heat/serve/eat facility produces smoked products as well. Federally registered for domestic and export markets. Currently running fillet, and portion programs (ready meal products are possible).

Ownership and operations

  • Person of colour owned or operated

Sell sheet

Industry targeted information on business, product line, distribution and ordering details.
No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Universities or Colleges
  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Processors (direct or via broker)
  • Community Food Programs
  • Food Service Provider
  • Distributor
  • Online grocery stores

Product listings from this business

Sausages: Salmon image

Various flavours available: chorizo, mild, hot, and classic sausage. Contains dairy and nitrates, (nitrate-free option available).

Salmon Cakes: Wild image

Contains egg, wheat, celery, and soy.

Fish Burger: Wild Salmon and Wild B.C. Halibut image

Fish burger patties stuffed with Wild Salmon, and Wild B.C. Halibut.

Salmon: Portioned, Frozen IQF image

Produced from wild catch salmon.