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Falconglen Organic Farms

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Falconglen Organic Farms

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Paul Falcon

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26345 88th Ave
BC Canada V1M 3L8

Business description

Falconglen Organic Farms is a premium quality organic blueberry farm located in Langley B.C.. We offer fresh organic blueberries in our eco-friendly, non-plastic retail packaging – sold through major grocery retailers. We also offer high quality organic superfood products such as frozen and freeze-dried blueberries, in bulk or retail packaging.

Ownership and operations

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Current market channels

  • Major stores
  • Independent stores
  • Distributor

Product listings from this user

Chocolate Covered Blueberries: Dark image

Crunchy, freeze-dried organic blueberries covered in dark chocolate.

Blueberry Powder: Organic  image

Made from freeze dried blueberries.

Tea: Bergamot Black Blend image

Premium bergamot black tea blend with dried blueberries.

Tea: Black and White Blend image

Premium black and white tea blend with dried blueberries.

Tea: Herbal Blend image

Premium herbal tea blend with dried blueberries (caffeine-free).

Tea: Green Blend image

Premium green tea blend with dried organic blueberries.

Blueberries: Organic, Fresh image

Packed in eco-friendly, non-plastic baskets.

Blueberries: Organic, Frozen image

Canada Grade A, C, and Juice Grade frozen organic blueberries.

Blueberries: Organic, Freeze Dried image

Whole berries. No sugar or preservatives added. Vegan and allergen-free.