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Emkao Foods

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Ayissi Nyemba

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(778) 654-2556

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Unit 109 32885 Mission Way
BC Canada V2V 6E4

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Business description

Emkao Foods Inc. (“Emkao”) is a startup food processing company, founded in 2016, focused on the production of single-source chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and related products. It is located in Mission, British Columbia. Emkao specializes in the chocolate industry through a vertically integrated corporate structure that leverages direct trade and single sourcing for their primary input product: cocoa beans. This structure is possible due to an ownership stake in a family farm (“Kotou Farm”) located in Cameroon, in western Africa. Emkao is able to directly import high quality, certified organic, cocoa beans from Kotou Farm with favorable payment terms. Once imported into Canada, Emkao is able to process these raw cocoa beans primarily into six marketable finished products. The current focus is to sell these products wholesale to other businesses such as chocolatiers, bakers, candy producers and related businesses.

Ownership and operations

  • Person of colour owned or operated
  • Women owned or operated

Sell sheet

Industry targeted information on business, product line, distribution and ordering details.
No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Restaurants (via distributor)
  • Food Service Provider
  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Distributor
  • Other
  • Major stores
  • Independent stores

Product listings from this business

Cocoa Butter image

Non-deodorized cocoa butter. Single-origin. Vegan and non-GMO. Emkao Foods.

Cocoa Powder image

All natural, 22-24%. Single-origin. Vegan and non-GMO. Emkao Foods.

Chocolate Chips: Dark image

Sourced from Cameroon. 70% Dark. Vegan and non-GMO. Emkao Foods.

Cocoa Liquor image

Single-origin, contains only one ingredient. Liquor is finely milled powder suspended in cocoa butter. It is stored and shipped in solid form. Emkao Foods.

Cocoa Nibs image

Single-origin, roasted cocoa nibs. Emkao Foods.

Cocoa Husks image

Roasted cocoa husks, single-origin. Makes a delicious hot beverage. A hybrid between hot chocolate and tea. Emkao Foods.