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Barakah Eats

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Rushd Khan

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Unit 220, 8322 130 St
BC Canada V3W 8J9

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Business description

Barakah Eats is a family owned and operated business based in Surrey, B.C.. The company manufactures frozen, gourmet, South Asian influenced, ready to eat meals in a HACCP certified facility. The Barakah Eats product line is halal certified, antibiotic and preservative free, and includes vegan and gluten free options as well.

Ownership and operations

  • Person of colour owned or operated

Sell sheet

Industry targeted information on business, product line, distribution and ordering details.
No sell sheet is available for this producer.

Current market channels

  • Universities or Colleges
  • Restaurants (direct)
  • Major stores
  • Independent stores
  • Meal preparation companies
  • Food Service Provider
  • Distributor
  • Catering Company
  • Online grocery stores

Product listings from this business

Heat-and-Serve: Beef Keema image

Pan-fried beef curry.

Heat-and-Serve: Beef Nihari image

Slow-cooked spicy beef curry.

Heat-and-Serve: Butter Chicken image

Creamy tomato-based, boneless chicken curry.

Heat-and-Serve: Chicken Dum Biryani image

Basmati rice entrée baked with chicken, herbs, and spices.

Heat-and-Serve: Chicken Koyla Karahi image

Tomato-based, boneless chicken curry smoked with charcoal.

Heat-and-Serve: Mughlai Chicken Handi image

Creamy yogurt-based, boneless chicken curry flavoured with sesame seed.

Tandoori Naan image

Handmade and prepared in a clay oven.

Heat-and-Serve: Veggie Biryani image

Basmati rice entrée baked with vegetables that include potatoes, corn, carrots, eggplant, peas, cauliflower, and green beans.