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Partner B.C. food & beverage directories

Other B.C. food & beverage directories

The Feed BC Directory is targeted at B.C.’s larger buyers, such as institutions and commercial businesses, looking for B.C. food service, retail or wholesale products.

Several directories work together to connect B.C.’s high quality food and agriculture products with different buyers. Different directories target distinct markets and products, so use one or more that best work for your needs.

For producers and processors, listing in multiple directories improves your business visibility, and provides free or low-cost opportunities to promote your products. For buyers, using multiple directories can help expand your product search and reach new suppliers.

Each of these different directories provides the opportunity to promote your products to specific markets.

  • Search Buy BC: Product directory of Buy BC licensed agriculture, food, and beverage products (Ministry of Agriculture and Food).
  • BC Food Connection Search tool for B.C. produce and agrifood suppliers with products available for food processing; co-packers, re-packers, and processors with extra capacity; and commercial and commissary kitchens (B.C. Food & Beverage, with financial assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food).
  • Buy BC Food and Drink Marketplace: Online sales marketplace of B.C. small-scale processed products for retail and wholesale sales, and institutional distribution (Small-Scale Food Processor Association, with financial assistance from the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation).