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Zicuso BC

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Zicuso BC

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Lawrence Chidzambwa

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Executive Director

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208-14888 104th Ave
BC Canada V3R 1M4

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ZICUSO BC runs programs for immediate and ongoing support to uplift individuals and families to their highest potential. One of these programs is the supplementary grocery programs. This program provides culturally appropriate food items to black people in the whole of BC. The food items are aligned with the black Africans from Central and Southern Africa. Our dedicated staff and volunteers tirelessly support struggling families to put culturally appropriate meals on their dining room tables. The organization also explores methods to reduce poverty among the black people in BC. It has a research team that investigates the impact of social determinants of health. It collaborates with universities to investigate methods of providing sustainable food security support to immigrant communities. Our vision is to see people thriving in a society of equal opportunities.

Products of interest

Kale, green cabbage, tomatoes, onions, beef, chicken portions, frozen fish, rice pasta, corn meal, apples, pears.

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  • Community Food Programs